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Welcome to my e-Home!

This is slowly growing reflection of my activities. You will find here interesting things from my life, involvement in social, professional, amateur radio and other aspects. I hope you will find something of interest and will enjoy it.

Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU, VE3BMV, VE1BY

QSL mgr for N2EE, NT1E, N2T (06), N8T (06,07), K8V (06), CG1ZZ, VA1A, VC1A, P40A (96), C6AYB, XJ3ZZ/1, xx3BMV

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bulletTesla Radio Club N2EE, NT1E
bulletMountainView Manor
bullet Contesting FAQs
bulletFlex Radio
bullet VE3ZT ex VE3BBH Eh?

Coming soon
Dream Radio 1

bringing you the latest from the CR design Dream Team, bringing you DRone - the rig you have been dreaming about. Stay tuned!

New wave of SDRs coming soon, 1R2O

Ready for expedition, carry on station.

Project on hold due to the involvement in the restoration of the (Verkhovyna) MountainView Manor in Glen Spey, NY - the future site of Radio Conventions, retreats, weddings, etc.

Please visit www.MVmanor.com


2010 CQ 160 CW
Yuri operating from Iceland as TF4X
from TF4M.com station to #2 Eu

Oct./Nov. 2006 CQ WW DX CW Contest

Operated from W8LRL QTH beat US CW record and worked 104 DXCC countries on 160m - first US station to do so in a weekend.

Work and restoration started on Tesla Radio Club and Museum at the old WOO AT&T Ocean Gate, NJ site.

Looking for members willing to help with the project and become part of the team. More detailed info is at:

Roommates Yuri and Bob, K4UEE at Dayton 04


Ocean County Observer article on restoration of the old WOO station AT&T Long Lines site at Ocean Gate, NJ - new home of Tesla Radioclub and Museum N2EE, NT1E

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Look at my new online photo album slooowly filling with pictures from my vacations, events, and my family.


Free Republic

NYC Czech Center

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