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Back in OK-land, early 60's, with my first homebrewed transceiver and 2x 4-125F's kW linear.             03/21/11

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Yuri Zenon Blanarovich, P.Eng., M. Sc.

Мґр. Інж. Юрій Блонарович       Dipl. Ing. Juraj Blanarovič

Travelled to: UB5, OK1, OK2, OM, DL, HA, OE, S5, YU, SP, PA, F, HB9, I, ZB1, EA, FC, CN, DL, DM, G, VE, XE, 6Y5, VP5, C6, P4, HH, HI, 8P6
President TESLA RC: N2EE, NT1E, VA1A, VC1A, N2T, N8T, K8V - member: ARRL

QSL to: Box 282, Pine Brook, NJ 07058-0282 USA

Life journey took me from my birth place at the source of Dniester river (Ukraine), with parents escaping the communist prosecution to Slovakia at the end of WW II. Not much luck there, in 1948 communists took over there too and killed my father and sister for not renouncing their faith and convictions. When I tried to enroll in university, I was refused entry, had to work at agri-coop to become "working class", still refused. Thanks to intervention of Prof. Dr. Alexander Doctor, dean of Mechanical Engineering faculty at University in Kosice I was accepted and later graduated with Master's degree. Since I was 16, I fell in love with Amateur Radio. it was the window to the world through the Iron Curtain and helped us to keep our sanity, hope and to stay alive. I enjoyed sports, athletics, long distance running, cycling, soccer and played team handball in Czechoslovakian League. After graduation I worked at the regional agency of coop enterprises, introducing new products and manufacturing lines. Later at the automotive manufacturing and service company introducing and engineering new products. I served in the Czechoslovakian Air Force as an officer for the radio and navigation equipment.

In 1968 when Dubcek mobilized the country with his Prague Spring, we hams helped to support his efforts and stood up to Soviet invaders and their tanks. When the Spring was crushed by force, communists were after us and I was fortunate to be sent to Paris, France for customer engineering training at IBM on 360/30 system, just in time to avoid arrest. From there I emigrated to beautiful Canada, had the opportunity to start new life in the free world and worked for IBM for 13 years at 360 modification center, then at Test Engineering, later at Manufacturing Engineering and was IBM Canada rep on the IBM Corporate Automation Council. Received highest IBM award - The Outstanding Contribution Award for the Design and Development Excellence. My mechanical engineering, electronic, electrical and computer skills allowed me to excel in robotics and industrial control systems.

Thanks to ham radio, I had the chance to meet many wonderful friends, meet my wife Sonya and expand my professional career. In 1982 I quit IBM and started my own Blanarovich Engineering company, doing industrial automation and robotics. I was first to use personal computer - Apple II for industrial and robot control. I used it in numerous automation and robotics project. I started and published Radiosporting Magazine, catering to DXers, Contesters pushing the ham radio frontiers.  

In 1986 family situation prompted us to move to New Jersey. After the initial financial shock and health difficulties we managed to get back on our feet. So I ended up married, with children and few big American cars. I still enjoy ham radio contesting, restoring and preserving classic cars, trying to keep healthy, do shooting interesting things with my cameras and have a occasional fine cigar to celebrate that special occasion. I enjoy talking to old friends on the radio and refreshing my language skills in Slovak (Zemplin), Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and partially in Spanish, German, French. Presently I run my Computeradio company, restoring and expanding MountainView resort, doing consulting and "impossible" problem solving, computer and communications systems, publishing systems, small networks, Internet systems and web page design.

I am also involved with Ukrainian community, working with Ukrainians, from Helsinki Group dissidents to President Kravchuk,  tried to set up some businesses in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, only to find out that the remains of the communist mentality (lie, bribe, cheat, steal) are hard to overcome and you would have to be there to supervise the ventures or you lose your pants. Here in US we are involved in the Verkhovyna Ukrainian resort, I have organized and eMCed Ukrainian Festival 2002  there (over 10,000 spectators) and 2003 Christmas Concert in New York City and New Jersey by the 130 member Ukrainian Youth Ensembles from Toronto. In 2007 we, our family, ended up taking over the resort and were involved in two year intensive work of restoration and renovation of the resort. Instead of being retired and building Tesla station we had to throw all our efforts into saving, preserving and building up the facility to become a viable business. So far the place is getting accolades, we won awards for restoration, were elected "The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick" and are starting to fill the place with weddings, banquets and events.  We are planning to host amateur radio convention and other venues, like seminars, concerts, fairs, etc. opening our doors to those seeking what we can offer. Participate in charitable events with Knights of Columbus (4th deg.) 

I am big fan and admirer of Nikola Tesla, the greatest engineering genius ever lived and I am trying to help to keep his memory and recognition alive. Slowly, time permitting, I will try to transfer my amateur radio experiences via Internet on my WEB pages. Stay tuned, more is coming up!

Photo above was taken at W8LRL QTH while operating in 2006 CQ WW contests, where I managed to beat the US record and work 104 countries on 160m CW in one weekend.

E-mail K3BU


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