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Memory Keyer project.

Back in the days of discrete chips and first memory keyers appearing on the ham market, I have built this version of VE3ABN/VE3ENM  (only "IBM" ever built) keyer. My goal was to package it to smallest possible size that would conveniently fit on the table top next to the paper log (left hand) with ergonomically placed buttons and controls. It was built using IBM chips that were rejected or damaged by the automatic insertion machines, tightly packaged, still with room for 9V battery, if needed. At that time, perhaps the world's smallest memory keyer. It is still working without single failure, sadly replaced, but much more efficient by the Thinkpad notebook and TRlog software.

Here it is front panel with write/read switch, speed control slider pot and LED indicators. Worn out membrane switches pad on top has memory play touch buttons. KEY can key the transmitter, like a hand key, DOT and DASH buttons function just like paddle contacts.



Back panel has power switch, 12V DC, audio out, TX key line and paddle connectors. Slider adjusts the dot/dash ratio and internal speaker is mounted on the top surface.




Bottom view of packed components on a swinging gate and plug in card. All chips are mounted in the wire-wrap sockets, few discrete components are soldered in.




Close-up of the front with swinging card connector and back of front panel. Fun project to build, rewarding workhorse in the contests, taking away drudgery of hand operated keyer paddle.