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Revisions and fixes in software versions

- Version 1.325 - initial release

03/26/03 Version 1.326
- Fixed DV memory record/recall feature. Flash write & recall was intermittent.
- Added STOP action to SEND1,2,3 buttons.
- PTT now ignored during voice record to prevent audio pop being recorded.

03/27/03 Version 1.327
- TX Meter hang increased from 200 mS to 300 mS

03/28/03 Version 1.328
-Pre-amp display now updated after a master reset.
-Expanded band edges by 10 kHz to cover some MARS frequencies.

03/31/03 Version 1.329
- Changed vox routine. Was not restoring correct vox gain after a power cycle
- Fixed DSP Audio selection conflict between Bin Rx and phones selections.
- Master Reset state of Binaural Receive changed to OFF.

04/01/03 Version 1.330
- Improved Audio Menu MULTI routine.
- Reduced size of Sub receiver S-Meter to prevent overwrites of the Audio Menu.

04/02/03 Version 1.331
- Fixed bug that caused TX to be disabled when tuner went into Bypass State.
- Added code to restore RX and TX Equalization values after power-cycle.

04/03/04 Version 1.332
- Fixed audio menu bug that caused MULTI to adjust values in only one direction
- Binaural RX state now restored at power up.
- Fixed bug on preset antenna selections
- RX ANT LED update added to recall of antenna presets.
- Fixed bug in VOX system that caused the radio to key when vox first tuned on.

04/04/03 Version 1.333
- Fixed FAST/SLOW encoder. FAST was tuning two times steps.

04/06/03 Version 1.334
- Fixed bug in Keyer paddle routine that caused loss of rx at power-up when grounded
- Continued revision/testing of serial interface.
- New DSP code v151 to fix distorted speech monitor in AM Transmit.
04/07/03 Version 1.335
- Fixed another bug in the Audio Menu BinRx routine. Failed to re-program the sub-dsp's audio selections when BinRx
went to OFF.

04/08/03 Version 1.336
Changed rollover of EQ settings in audio menu to +/- limits of 20.

04/10/03 Version 1.337
- Now clearing multi-encoder after moving highlight in the menu screens.
- Now rounding/truncating Vfo frequencies based on selected step.
- Changed Master Reset value of VFO-B to 14.035 LCW.
- Added Step-Multiplier function to [MAIN RX] and [SUB RX] buttons.

04/11/03 - 04/13/03 Version 1.338
- Modified FM operation.
- Extensive work on the serial interface.

04/14/03 - 04/16/03 Version 1.339
- Fixed bug in M->VFOB that caused VFOA freq to appear in VFOB display area and cover-up VFOB value.
- Changed Freq rounding routine to make single step after step side change. Was making two steps when moving down.
- Fixed NR and AN multi-enc behavior that caused them to occasionally turn off when being turned!
- Lots,lots,lots of work on the serial interface!

04/26/03-05/06/03 Version 1.340
- DSP modified correct sub receiver QSK audio pops.
- Corrected Sub receiver RIT Operation.
- Final Serial Interface Updates. Release with Programmer's Ref Guide.

05/12/03-05/14/03 Version 1.341
- Modified Filter HI/LO operation. Low Cut was affecting PBT.
- Fixed bug that was causing missing line below MON after a band change.
- Fixed bug causing screen garbage after an unsuccessful memory recall.
- Added filter BW to band register contents.
- Added filter BW to memory contents.
- Added fix for random pegging of the S-Meter.
- Added additional PBT limit checks to prevent overwriting main screen borders.

05/19/03-05/22/03 Version 1.342
- Fixed placement of Side Tone Frequency in the CW MENU.
- Removed LCD CONTRAST from storage in USER profiles. Now a Global Value.
- Implemented Audio Mute Functions on main and sub encoder buttons.
- Swapped passband orientation for Bin Rx mode.
- Modified LCD DMA Register to give maximum contrast.

05/27/03 Version 1.343
- Added restore of pre-amp setting on power cycle.
- ATTN/NR/AN/SQL and Speech Processor now restored correctly on power-up.
- TUNE function now reduces power only if setting is above about 20 watts.

06/03/03 Version 1.344
- Modified tuning/BFO routines to improve crystal filter placement in CW modes.

06/06/03 Version 1.345
- TUNE now stops automatically when the tuner is finished
- Key line/Paddles now stops CW playback.
- Eliminated garbage character beside display of sidetone pitch in CW MENU.
- Fixed Linker problem that caused garbage to appear in MEM window background.

06/11/03 Version 1.346
- Corrected Serial Port Commands
Receiver now updated when Sidetone frequency changed from the serial port.
Main Receiver tuning updated on change of RX filter from the serial port.
Corrected Left/Right/Speaker assignment order in the radio firmware.
Fixed Serial setting of Main/Sub AGC Threshold.
Fixed RIT/XIT serial port controls.
Added Binaural Receive serial port command.
- Enabled 60M operation. Zero Key on Numeric Keypad is the 60M band button.

06/13/03 Version 1.347
- Added trap for 60M band data to handle Flash update without Master Reset.
- Modified Serial Initialization routine to stop buffer clear on power-up/reset.

06/25/03 Version 1.348
- Added POD routing control to allow pod actions to be sent to a host PC.
- Corrected reporting of squelch query value.
- Corrected screen updates of AGC and Attn when changed via the serial port.
- Corrected muting on voice-playback, did appear to stick in Tx after playing.
- Added Filter-Associated Automatic Threshold adjustment to the AGC system.
- Added Filter Reset Option to the reset sequence.

07/08/03 Version 1.349
- Modified LSB PBT calculations to facilitate use in AFSK.
- Modified Voice Record System to ignore PTT when in recording window.
- Changed 500/250 Hz Filter Correction routine to use 10 Hz steps.

07/10/03 VERSION 1.350
- Added code to force QSK delay to 0 in when using the tune function.
- Increased PBT ranges to 2500 Hz.
- Implemented corrections to FSK mode and enabled FSK input on rear panel.
- Changed Notch defaults to 300Hz wide at 1000 Hz center freq.

07/29/03 Version 1.351
- Sub receivers now connected to VFOB on master-reset.
- Added FSK monitor function.
- Now updating band-data when VFO changes.
- Added forced update to PBT/BW controls when Tracking changed in the menu.
- Fixed bug in Memory recall. Was not correctly storing the BW in the memory.
- Added keyer lockout so it can be used only in the CW modes.
- Added Xtal Filter Gain correction and correction for DSP bandwidths <150 Hz.
- Added S-Meter correction as part of the change above.
- Added Super-programmable AGC features.

08/07/03 Version 1.352
- Changed PTT routines to use timed key-down measurements and programmed delays.
- Changed amp-loop routine to operate with the new key routines.

08/11/03 Version 1.353
- Fixed SUB/MAIN RIT display subroutine so they were updated when RIT was on.
- Reworked PBT/BW TRACKING routines to eliminate the odd behavior.

08/12/03 Version 1.354
- Completely turned OFF the CW key input is SSB Mode.
- Eliminated erroneous display of Hz at the end of the CW_MENU.
- Added Mode, BW and PBT to A-B & B-A exchanges.
Dependent on Tracking Settings.
- Added calls to clear 'tuned' word from display after disengaging the tuner from the TX menu.
- Modified SWEEP clear functions to clear up junk on the screen when turned OFF.
- Modified VRP system because the DSP was staying in transmit after playback.
- Added code to clear the Voice and CW recorders indicators in FSK mode.

08/15/03 Version 1.355
- Reorganized the new BBRAM values to eliminate the need for a master-reset between 1.349 and 1.355.
- Fixed pointer bug that caused pod to misbehave when the FSK was inverted.
- Fixed erroneous dot left on the display after transmit.
- Fixed SP bug that caused it to be ON at power-up even though it was OFF.
- Realigned the sub-receiver mode indicator in the display.
- Changed labeling for OTHER_MENU item selecting FSK TX Data Sense.
- Changed the sub-meter drawing routine to prevent overwriting AUDIO MENU.

08/19/03 Version 1.356
- Modified serial interface AGC set routines to account for the new super-programmable AGC controls.
- Modified VRPB key-down routines to integrate new timed key-down routines.
- Removed rollover from the FSK menu option.

08/21/03 Version 1.357
- Added CW MENU selection to enable CW Key to be PTT in SSB modes.
- Fixed CW Playback bug that caused stuck key-down in CW mode.
- Modified NB Display routine to properly clear the 'H' indicator when Hardware NB tuned OFF in menu.
- Fixed line segment missing after a band change. (Between MON and SP functions)

08/22/03 Version 1.358
- Modified NR code to eliminate overloading.
- Modified the CW record/playback to improve reproduction of character spaces.

08/25/03 Version 1.359
- Added Hardware NB control to the NB button. Press and Hold to toggle.
- Added bandwidth/mode association. Mode auto recalls last used BW.
- Corrected drawing in mode menu to remove Unwanted lines on left of screen.
- Modified sub receivers AGC hang setting serial port function.

09/12/03 Version 1.360
- Added cross-mode ability via VFO selection.
- Added restore of mode/bw association to the serial port mode set command.

09/16/03 Version 1.361
- Keyer Speed and SEND selections now change based on the transmit mode. (part of the cross-mode changes)
- Changed TUNE mode to take into account the new cross-mode tx capability.
- Added BW and PBT exchange to the A/B swap function.

09/25/03 Version 1.362
- Corrected SUB RX FSK PBT bug. Was jumping to 0 when the PBT was adjusted.
- Added calls to update BW values on display when recalling a band registers.
- More patches for voice record/cross mode operation
- Modified serial interface TUNE routine to fix hang-up.
- Added lock-out to TUNE BUTTON if the radio is already in transmit.
- Modified NB/NR DSP for improved handling of large signals.

10/06/03 Version 1.363
- Added Clear function to master reset of USER storage.
- Fixed code in the highlight that was causing overwriting of TX MENU
- Fixed bug in mode-associated BW array index that caused USER recall crashes.
- Added RAM-CLEAR sequence (hold down VFOB LCK button at power-up)
- Added @A/@B prefix to 4-byte frequency query response.
- Now restoring VOX state after TUNE operation with internal tuner installed.
- Corrected XM indicator in STEP display. Now updated when changing receivers.
- Corrected typo in ?KV parser where main rx always indicated VFOA associated.
- Fixed bug in RX menu's HW NB display routine.

10/22/03 Version 1.364
- DSP - changed set point for Transmit Gain Control.
- Changed S-Meter correction for 500Hz xtal filter.
- DSP - changes to NR/AN to improve simultaneous operation.
- Fixed bug in serial interface memory recall routine.
- Fixed bug in keyer routine. Mono plug causing sidetone at power-up.

10/23/03 Version 1.365
- Fixed bug in keyer. Was causing dit-dah to be sent after turning it on.
- Fixed bug in MUTE function of audio menu.
- Fixed bug in audio menu. Left/Right associations now restored on BinRx off.
- Fixed bug in A/B split operation of TUNE feature. Freq wrong on return to Rx.

11/14/03 Version 1.366
- Reduced delay between button down and voice playback.
- Corrected bug that caused inoperable FM on power-up or mode change.
- Added more delay to DSP sequences to correct sweep related Lost-TX problem.
- Modified DSP init sequence to eliminate monitor/sidetone noise problem.
- Added DSP Filter Length Control to the FILTR menu.

12/19/03 Version 1.367
- Added ASCII CW Send to CW Interface
- Adjusted Serial Buffers to improve command response.
- Changed Sidetone lower limit to 100 Hz.
- Modified DSP Gain correction for filters below 150 Hz.
- Enabled RIT/XIT controls during SPOT operation.
- Corrected Main Rx tuning bug that affected SPLIT when Rx's not on same mode.

Version 1.368 - Not Released
- Expanded 60M band to 5.425 to include Norways 5.410 and 5.420 allocations.
- Modified tuning code to reduce the tuning stutter at high encoder rotations.
- Fixed Menu item placement in FILTR, VOX and SSB Menus.
- Added the remote pod encoder control back to the VFO controls. Needed
because of tuning changes.

02/10/04 Version 1.369
- Modified external band data update in the DDS update routine.
- Modified POD tuning routine to fix routing to host feature.
- Added BAND DATA handling to band-change and Direct Entry.
- Fixed bug in step-change function affecting negative tuning direction.
- Fixed bug in Tx-Loop vs ANT selection causing interference between the two.
- Fixed bug Rx Calc causing the Sub-Rx RIT value to be used when using VFOB.


Coming Soon in Release 1.370

In an effort to keep you better informed we want you to know what Ten-Tec is working on for the Orion transceiver.

The Orion Beta testers are testing the following modifications that should appear in the next release.

We are still working on a few items and hope to have this out very soon.

- Added band line update routine to the serial frequency set command.

- Modified VFOA/VFOB tuning to use the Step of the associated receiver, as per the manual.

- Extended 60m band lower edge to 5.255 to catch the UK special privilege assignment.

- Modified A>B B>A code to prevent changes of mode if no receiver assigned to the source VFO.

- Modified main encoder routines to disable FAST encoder rate when in MENU mode.

- Decreased programmed-delays in SWEEP system to improve update rate.

- Modified PBT/BW and HI/LO Knob routines to prevent changes to those settings while in transmit.

- Modified AF Gain relationship to MAIN and SUB controls to fix MAIN/SUB conflict with LEFT OUT when

Headphones were not being used.

- Modified POD encoder settings to group PBT/BW together.

- Additional Modification to ALC system. Changed CW transmit gain adjustment routines to prevent adjustments during attack and decay


- Moved sub-receiver meter routine from interrupt routine to main loop. This was causing greater than expected CW variation when the

KEY/PTT occurred during this routine.

- Reallocated time slices in the sweep routine to prevent conflict with DSP TX transition routines that are suspected of causing loss of transmit


- Corrected code that sets external band data. Conflicting calls to this routine during Interrupts caused the band data to be in error when set

from the serial port.

- Modified QSK hang system to eliminate hangs impact on CW timing

- Modified CW T/R and R/T timing routines to improve accuracy of keying.

- Modified serial CW send feature to add standard delays to characters and words.

- Doubled RIT encoder's FAST rate.

- Modified Tuner control to eliminate false initiation of tune sequence following band changes.

- Modified HI/LO routine to properly handle FSK mode.

- Modified CW Dynamics system to allow full range control on external keyer, PTT and AUX PTT ports.

- Added keying speed Warning message for >5ms dynamics setting.

- Added MOX control and supporting menu selection.

- Added NONE option to rear PTT input action.

- Changed QSK hang routine to take into account modified QSK hang method in build 8.